3 comments on “Nonogram Nexus now on Android Market

  1. 240×320 htc wildfire aka buzz here

    it seems the screen is cut off. at least in the main menu I can only see the lower half of “start game”

    I love how quickly the game reacts to presses, but I confused myself by trying to scroll through the main menu and not realizing I’m in the help section.

    Um, actually, in the game the -/+ sensors are way too sensitive. If tweaking the input sensitivity turns out fruitless, you could add support virtual keyboard input for numbers by pressing on the numbers.

  2. I’m surprised about the buttons. Do you mean you touch them and they act on it more than once? They are not supposed to do that unless you move your finger while touching them, which works fine on my Galaxy S. But I guess there’s no real need for that anyway, maybe I should disable any sensitivity to continuous touching, so you’ll have to stop touching the screen and touch again for it to count as another touch. That’s why I put the +10 buttons anyway, so you won’t have to press many buttons to get whatever number you want.

    The menu problem I probably should have foreseen, I guess I didn’t realize there was such a big difference between different screen sizes. I’ll fix it to make less assumptions about screen size, and if all else fails to allow scrolling. After I fix it, would you like to test it to make sure it works before I release it?

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