3 comments on “Bunch of Things #3

  1. About tout-à-l’heure it depends on context, here are exemples :

    1. J’ai pris mon déjeuner juste tout-à-l’heure

    here with (juste) it can be understood that it’s in the past, so here, we can say that it means : “Just earlier”

    2. Je vais partir tout-à-l’heure

    “Je vais” is a near future, “I’m going to leave”… meaning : “I’m going to leave later”

    3. On ce voit tout-à-l’heure

    Here, it means : “We see each other later, or soon”

    While tout-a-l’heure alone means nothing : Actually it sounds like “soon”, “in the limits of this hour”… while the context defines whether it’s a “earlier” or “later”

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