4 comments on “Longings for peer-to-peer multiplayer

  1. A lot of times when I’d make games, I’d use LAN. I like it a lot. We’d use the computers in our house to play with each other. Fun stuff πŸ˜› The usefulness of having servers, however, is that you can play with friends without the hassle of having to round up a bunch of computers under the same internet location πŸ™‚

    • What do you mean by “same internet location”? There’s no hassle in playing with direct IP. Maybe a little hassle for the one being the server, because they need to make sure their router isn’t blocking them, but other than that it’s as simple as copying and pasting an IP address.

      • Whoops! Thought I had posted a response πŸ˜› I think we have roving IPs, and I was working in Unity, so perhaps those two things combined made it hard to get access to a server. Perhaps if at least one of our IPs was constant, things would work πŸ˜‰

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