My name is Shai Shapira. I’m a computer programmer, and I like it – I like being able to make computers do things I want them to do.

I’m interested in using computer programs for pretty much everything – art, music, learning, and various stuff. But currently my main focus, for several reasons, is making games. I’m always attempting new strategies for making games, new ideas, new techniques, most of which end with nothing, but occasionally I get something worthy of publishing here. Hopefully, as I gather experience, I’ll start making some really good stuff in the near future.

As a big fan of free software, I also try to contribute to the free gaming scene, and hope to use my experience in professional software on free software projects.

Other than that, I like knowing and working with nice people. If you have a project I might be interested in, or want my advice of opinion on something, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also, I like books. If you want to know what I’ve been reading, you’re welcome to my LibraryThing profile.


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  1. Al Tisgeri Li Et Adelet: Thank you so much for your English translation!! I’d love you to write the phonetic of the song, the same way that you did it with the name of the song? I want to learn to sing it!! If it’s possible, send me the phonetic to avignalerealestate@gmail.com. If not, with the English translation it’s more than enough. Thank you! I love the song!

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