My Projects

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on since I became independent:

Sunflower Virtual Gaming Table: An engine for tabletop card and board games, with focus on single player gameplay with AI opponents.

Paddle Storm: A ball-and-paddle style game, with support for slanted bricks and a spell system.

Ring of Marbles: An Asteroid-shooting game with a twist, that I made for the Experimental Gameplay Challenge.

Terramancers: A real-time action-Reversi game I made for the Liberated Pixel Cup.

Nonogram Nexus: A Nonogram simulator I wrote for the Android OS.

Verbal Kombat: A text-based game I wrote for a contest, attempting to be a Street-Fighter-esque fighting game with no graphics, only text.

The Overseer: An attempted game I made for the Experimental Gameplay Challenge, didn’t really work. The deadline came before I could turn the gameplay to something fun. So now it’s more of an example.

Baktun: A game I started making with a 5-person team in Global Game Jam 2012. We made it in 48 hours, but it’s not really complete. We mostly have just a little video to show for it, but I think it looks quite nice.

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