Ring of Marbles

Ring of Marbles is a little game I made for the Experimental Gameplay Project on June 2012, for the theme “Rotating“. The game is kind of like the old Asteroids-like shoot-’em-ups, but with a twist – your “health” is actually a ring of coloured marbles constantly rotating around you. The “asteroids” and your shots are also coloured marbles. Whenever two marbles of the same colour collide, they’re both destroyed.

Your purpose – destroy as many asteroids as possible before your ring is destroyed. The challenge is that you must think about three things at once – shooting the asteroids, moving away to keep the asteroids from hitting your ring, and making sure your own shots don’t hit your ring. The more of your ring is destroyed, the faster and more numerous the asteroids will be.

Also, a local multiplayer mode is available – where two people each have their own rings and must destroy the other’s ring before losing their own.

The game is free software, released under the simplified BSD license. Download it right here:


Update (4.7.2012): How did this happen? I forgot to attach the source. You can get the source here.

Installation: None required, just extract the ZIP file somewhere and run the EXE file (for Windows) or JAR file (for others – requires JRE 1.6).

Single-Player Controls:
– WASD to move, mouse to aim and left-click to shoot.

Multiplayer Controls:

– Player 1: WASD to move, ‘R’ and ‘Y’ to aim, ‘T’ to shoot.
– Player 2: Arrow keys to move, ‘,’ and ‘/’ to aim, ‘.’ to shoot.

Currently tested only on Windows 7, but should theoretically work on any system with a proper JRE 1.6. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to officially confirm Linux as well.

Update (4.7.2012): Tested on Linux and OS X as well, and working properly.

Also, known bug: The menu looks horrible. It’s known and annoying, but I had a tight deadline and it didn’t seem that important for an experimental game.


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