Play with me

I like playing video games, and I’m always happy for new people to play with. I only have two requests:

1. I play for fun, so if you’re overly competitive and tend to take things too seriously / get upset if you lose / yell or use profanity when something bad happens, playing with me won’t be a good idea.
2. I don’t like playing with complete strangers, so I’d appreciate a little email or message on Steam saying who you are and how you know me.

My Steam username is ShaiShap. Generally I wouldn’t mind playing any of the games in my library, but the ones I’m currently most interested in are:

– Magicka: I’ve only played a few levels of the campaign and never played multiplayer, so I probably won’t be very good, but I’d love to try some arena games with others.
– Swarm Arena: I currently win against the initial AIs, but almost always lose against Genesis. And I’d love to have some humans to play against.
– Altitude
– Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: I’ve never seriously played a multiplayer FPS since Doom, so I’ll probably be terrible at it. But I wouldn’t mind trying.

Also, non-steam games:

– Section 8: On Games for Windows Live.

(This list keeps updating of course. Last update: June 30th, 2012)

My time zone is UTC+2 (or UTC+3 during summer), and I’m usually available in the afternoon / evening.

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